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Why is a Specific GL Account Used During Posting in Sage X3

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Which Line of the Automatic Journal is Being Used During the Posting of a Transaction in Sage X3

When reviewing GL entries in Sage X3 users may often wonder why or how a specific GL account was used during posting. They may also encounter errors during posting and need to correct issues within a specific line of the automatic journal.

Below is a simplified way to add a formula to the free reference field during posting that will help the users understand which line of the auto journal is being used so they can update as needed.

You can do this in your test environment to help troubleshoot issues in production.

In this example, we are posting a Miscellaneous Receipt and need to know which lines of the auto journal are being used during posting.

Start out by finding out the automatic journal that is being used.

  1. Expand Setup > Stock > Entry Transactions > Miscellaneous Receipts
  2. Select the Misc Receipt Entry transaction that is being used.Sage X3 Stock Reciept Transactions
  3. Tunnel to the Automatic Journal.
  4. Click on the ‘Lines’ option on the right-listSage X3 Automatic Journals
  5. On the ‘Formulas’ tab for each line of the auto journal enter “func TRTCPTINT3.GET_LIN_DES” and save.Sage X3 Automatic Journals Lines
  6. Expand Stock > Periodic Processing > Valuation > Account interface
  7. Before clicking OK select the Calculator from the right-list.Sage X3 CalculatorSage X3 Accounting Interface Calculator
  8. Enter sigma(GTEST=0,1,0) in the Calculation field and hit Enter.
  9. Close the window and click OK to continue with the posting in diagnostic mode.Sage X3 posting in diagnostic mode
  10. The automatic journal line description will display in the free reference field.
  11. Click on the Calculator again.
  12. Enter sigma(GTEST=0,-1,0) in the Calculation field and hit Enter. This will turn off the diagnostic mode.
  13. Go back to the automatic journal and click on ‘Lines’.
  14. Now you will know which line of the automatic journal is being used and you may update as needed. Automatic Journals Formulas