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Converting FRx Reports in Sage 500 ERP

New Report Designer Add-in Simplifies the Process

A new Report Designer Add-in for Sage 500 ERP Intelligence Reporting was recently introduced.   Not only does it offer more control over all aspects of report design and layout, it’s also an important tool in converting and migrating all of your FRx reports into Sage Intelligence Reports.

Converting FRx Reports

As mentioned, the Report Designer Add-in simplifies the process of converting your FRx financial reports into Sage Intelligence Reports now that FRx has been retired and is no longer supported.

Using Microsoft Excel, the Report Designer Add-in allows you to map to the FRx building blocks (Rows, Columns, and Reporting Trees), convert your report layouts, add formulas, and save the designs as new Sage Intelligence reports.

Drag-and-Drop Report Design

One of the primary functions of the Report Designer Add-in is to break down a report into reusable building blocks.  You can then reconfigure how these building blocks fit together when creating new report designs/layouts.

It’s important to note that Sage Intelligence Reporting already offers a Report Designer module that allows you to create new report formats.  However since the basic Report Designer is built for one-click simplicity, it must conform to certain restraints and doesn’t cater to every reporting situation.

The Report Designer Add-in is an enhancement for the basic Report Designer, providing extended design controls that are ideal for companies with highly complex or customized reporting requirements that change often or on-the-fly.  It provides maximum flexibility for customers that want to design reports, from the ground up, to exact specifications.  In addition, the controls are made up of Excel functions which communicate with a new in-memory processing engine that crunches numbers quickly and speeds report performance.

Getting Started with Report Designer Add-in

If you already own the Report Designer module, then the Designer Add-in is available for free download at https://customers.sagenorthamerica.com. You can also download the Report Designer Add-in Frequently Asked Questions Document to learn more about the functionality, installation requirements, and the difference between the basic Report Designer and the new Add-in.

See it in Action!

Got Questions? Be sure to contact us about the new Report Designer Add-in


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