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KIT Not Generate for Product in Sage X3


If you are entering a Sales Order and receive the Message ‘NO RECORDS SELECTED: KIT NOT GENERATED FOR PRODUCT’ the blog below outlines how to correct this error.

Kits are assemblies of different components and can be used on a Sales Order – it prevents you from having to key in all the different components – you would only have to key the parent product, but all the components would be shipped to the customer.

On the Product record you must have this product designated as a KIT.  To do this go to Common Data > Products > Products

Go to the Product in question, Sales tab – here is where you check the box ‘Fixed Kit’.  See below:

Sage X3 Fixed KIT

When a product is designated as a KIT – you must have Commercial BOM set up for the product.

The BOM is basically just a list of all the components used in the KIT.

Below is an example of a Commercial BOM for a KIT.

Go to Common Data > BOMs > Commercial BOMs

Sage X3 Commerical BOMs

Back to the message – this message ‘NO RECORDS SELECTED: KIT NOT GENERATED FOR PRODUCT’ is strictly informational. It will still allow you to create the Sales Order, but there is an issue that should be corrected.

Here is the cause of the message:

The Product was set up as a Fixed Kit in the Product Record (see first print screen) but there was not a Commercial BOM created for it.


Either change the Product Record by unchecking ‘Fixed Kit’, checking ‘Normal’ and saving or add a Commercial BOM as shown in the second print screen.

After doing one of these two resolutions, the message will no longer appear and you can proceed.

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