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Updated UI Enhancements in Sage EM V12

  User Interface Enhancements in Sage EM Version 12 No matter what part of Sage Enterprise Management software you use most often - Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Management or Accounting - the user interface (UI) is something that’s prevalent .

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Stock Availability on Sales Order Lines

During sales order entry your customer service rep can’t see what’s in the existing inventory. This can lead to warehouse employees taking time away from their tasks to conduct manual checks, ultimately culminating in order delays and unhappy .

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How to Update Opening Balances using the Year End Simulation function in Sage EM

In most cases a company will need to run financial reports for the current year before they have closed the previous year. During a fiscal year close new period entries are created which create the opening balances for the current year. The Year End .

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Sage EM Open Source

  There has been a lot of buzz about the transformation in Sage Enterprise Management to use some new technologies for their development and interface.  After attending the Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Dubai in April, it is exciting .

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How to Create Recurring Supplier Invoices in Sage EM

Users may have certain expenses that are made on a weekly or monthly basis such as rent. Sage EM allows you to setup recurring invoices which lessens data entry each billing period and allows more time for other tasks. Using the steps below you can .

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Global Serial Numbers Enhancement

In V12 there is a new way of managing serial numbers in received or issued transactions. The benefits are:

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