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How to process an Intercompany Bank Transfer in Sage EM

How to process an Intercompany Bank Transfer in Sage EM If you are managing more than one company in Sage EM there may be times when you may need to transfer funds between bank accounts that belong to different companies. The following setup and .

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How to see what version and patch you are using for Sage EM

There may be instances that a user will need to know what version and patch are installed on their Sage EM. This information is used to lookup documented information and at sometimes to check eligibility for applying other updates/patches.

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How to Create and Print a Refund Check for a Customer in Sage EM

In today's digital world, most transactions are processed using credit cards and we've previously covered how to refund a credit card transaction in Sage EM. Often times for very large transactions the limit on a credit card is too low to cover the .

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How to Delete a Validated Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

Ever have the problem where you have created a Delivery for a Sales Order and then Validated the Delivery, only to realize that there is a mistake?    Now you want to delete the Delivery but the Delete Button is grayed out.

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