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Making Critical Changes on Components in WOs for a Versioned Product

Prior to V12, Sage X3 would not allow you to add or exclude components in a Work Order for a Version-managed Product. You could only make changes to a few fields, such as Scrap factor, Pick list and Requirement date fields.

Previously the process to accomplish this was to create a new bill of material version with the required changes and create a new work order, because the manufacturing process for version-managed products is normally tightly controlled.

This enhancement was made because: There are times when it is necessary to adjust the components on a work order for version managed products and the previous process was very cumbersome.

Now a user that has User parameter ECCWOCOM set to Yes, can make critical changes on components on work orders with version-managed products.


These changes include:

  • Adding sub-assemblies (phantoms) and unexpected materials.
  • Excluding/reactivating components
  • Changing values on some fields – Required quantity, Operation number and Pick list code.

Making Critical Changes 1.1-1

Other Enhancements include:

  • The option to trace (parameter MFGREV = YES) critical changes (see below)
  • The changes use the same work order statuses as work orders with non-versioned products
  • You can only make the critical changes if Routing WO Management = ‘Materials change’ or Change Materials and operations’


  • Saves time when a change is required
  • May lead to increased productivity
  • You can trace the changes
  • Simplifies processes which can reduce costs

When the MFGREV parameter for Revision Management is set to YES:

  • You will need to add a reason for each change
  • The revise history for each critical changed will be recorded in the MFGMATREV table when the Work Order is saved.
  • You can then review the revision history for each component line.

Making Critical Changes 1.2-1

Now let’s try making a couple of these changes to a version managed Work Order.

Create a new Work Order for a version-managed product:

Making Critical Changes 1.3-1

Now let's add unexpected Material – BMS002  (You get the message below – just click on OK.)

Making Critical Changes 1.4-1

Add the component.

Making Critical Changes 1.5-1

In the action button on the new component line – choose Revision History now you can see the change that was made.

Making Critical Changes 1.6-1

Now let’s change a requirement qty from 1 to 2.

Look at line 11 – it has been changed from 1 to 2

Making Critical Changes 1.7-1

You will get the message below, just click ok.

Making Critical Changes 1.8-1

Again, if you click on the component line that you just changed and choose Revision History, you can see the changes you made.

Making Critical Changes 1.9-1

Now you have seen how you can make changes to a Versioned Work Order.

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